All handmade items may be subject to little flaws, it is the charm of something handmade. They are delicate things and are not suitable for children and must be treated gently.

Why are there no creations (handmade items) for sale?
They are either sold out or not yet put up for sale! I try to list my creations in batches every month, time and date is always announced on Instagram. Please follow my instagram to follow my update times.

I made separate orders, can I combine them?
Yes, any excess shipping will be refunded.

Do you accept custom orders?
Customs are currently closed. Due to a busy schedule I unfortunately do not have the time to commit to custom orders.

Can I reserve an item?
Creations (jewelleries, accessories) cannot be reserved.


Are your ceramic items food safe?
If a ceramic piece is food safe depends on several factors; the clay, firing temperature and glaze. All glazes used are lead free, non toxic and food safe. Unless specified otherwise in the listing, they are all generally food safe.

Can I wash them in the dishwasher?
Handwashing is advised for all ceramic items.

What clay and glaze do you use?
I use ceramic clay and glaze which must be fired in a temperature of 1000C or above. I mostly use stoneware and porcelain, but I also like to experiment with different clays. 

What is the gold paint?
All gold used on my ceramics are real gold and must be fired in a kiln to achieve its luster. Ceramic items that have gold on them are fired a total of 3 times!